Chicago’s Nonprofit Board Match event is inspired by the work of a great organization in Madison, WI, who started hosting a Nonprofit Draft Day in 2018. We are grateful to Alnissa Allgood and her generous help in bringing the event to Chicago for the first go in 2019.

This event is a collaboration between LimeRed and Jeromé Holston.

Event Organizers

We Build Brave Brands

LimeRed is a branding agency for purpose-driven organizations. We’ve been doing this since 2004, inclusively and deliberately, through diverse perspectives and research.

The world is seeking better, equitable, socially-conscious business practices. As a Certified B Corp, LGBT, WBE, and DBE, LimeRed demonstrates that business can be a force for good and social impact. 

We work with people who are ready to make a bold next move: People who have a vision for doing work better, for improving people’s lives, for making a difference.

J.R. Holston Consulting is a strategic nonprofit consulting firm that empowers nonprofits with the tools to identify, recruit, onboard, and coach nonprofit board members. With a commitment to creating equitable organizations, J.R. Holston Consulting specializes in supporting nonprofits with expanding their board diversity and engagement practices through continued training, orientations and retreats, project management, and other specialized services to move your mission forward.


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