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She Votes Illinois is a statewide political action committee that focuses on making sure the political system and legislation in Illinois reflect the voices of all women, femmes, and girls in the state. Our work focuses on three things: voting, education, and getting more women involved in the political process. We are a grassroots team of Illinois women working to engage a new wave of voters, community members, activists, and politicians.


  • Education
  • Women’s Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Social Justice

Board Member duties & responsibilities:

We’re looking for new board members who support our mission.

Since our founding six years ago, we’ve been forming coalitions with like-minded organizations and developing strong relationships with elected officials in our state. We’re looking to expand our efforts to reach even more Illinoisians and we are seeking individuals with various skill sets who are ready to make a commitment to civic engagement in Illinois.

Board member expectations

  • Believe in and be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission and vision of She Votes Illinois.
  • Work as a part of a cohesive team with common goals.
  • Share your skills and expertise.
  • Actively participate in board meetings, actions, fundraising and public events
  • Remain aware of the activities that are planned and make yourself available to help plan and participate.
  • Introduce us to opportunities and ideas that allow SVI to advance our mission.
  • Actively, timely, and consistently participate in frequent discussions through Slack.
  • As appropriate, use personal and professional contacts and expertise to benefit the organization, without compromising ethics or trespassing on relationships.

Experience in the public sector isn’t necessary, we’re really looking for people who are compelled to take action and may not know where to start. We want our board members to develop their civic engagement experience with us in a manageable and scalable way that leverages a larger group and reaches a lot of people using skills they already have.

She Votes IL needs board members who are ready to roll up their sleeves and continue cultivating our grassroots momentum to educate and involve Illinoisians on policy-making efforts in the General Assembly as well as their local cities and neighborhoods.

Board term & limits:

Term: We are looking for Board members to give a 1 – 3 year commitment.

No term limits.

Time commitment: Board members should be ready to commit 15 hours per month on various initiatives such as assisting with events, meeting with elected officials, and attending in-person events to represent She Votes Illinois as a volunteer, supporter, panelist, or subject matter expert.

Financial commitment:

There is no financial obligation to serve on our Board, i.e, no board dues. We do expect Board members to actively participate in our fundraising initiatives; however, there is no annual fundraising amount minimum needed to be met. It is important to our organization that there are no financial barriers for an individual to serve on our Board.


Skills needed:

  • Other