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Our History

Serving People with a Mission (SPM) was founded in 2020, a time in which our founders recognized the need for humane, selfless, and purpose-driven leadership both at the global level and within our respective communities. Therefore, SPM’s leaders, members, and partners are committed to walking hand-n-hand with the diverse communities around Chicago.


  • Economic Development

  • Education

  • Environment / Climate

  • Workforce Development

  • Social Justice

Board Position Information:

  1. The Board of Directors hereafter referred to as the Board, shall provide assistance, advice, and expertise to the Executive Team in order to fulfill the organization’s various goals.
  2. The Board shall be required to meet every quarter of each fiscal year.
  3. The Board shall complete their yearly pledge prior to the end of the current fiscal year, and provide any other development assistance.
  4. The Board shall provide fundraising support to the Executive Team by engaging in various activities, but not limited to:
    1. Hosting a table at an SPM fundraising event.
    2. Recruiting donors.
  5. The Board shall take part in a community service activity along with the program participants no less than one time. The board shall engage in the following, but are not limited to:
    1. Assisting one of SPM’s partner organization’s community service events.
    2. Attend an SPM’s program participant community service event.
  6. The Board shall be in charge of approving the Budget for each Fiscal Year.
  7. The Board shall have, but is not limited to, the following positions:
    1. Board Chair
      1. The Board Chair hereafter referred to as the Chair shall oversee the operations of the Board of Directors in coordination with the Chief Executive Officer(CEO).
      2. The Chair shall organize the Board’s structure and set up goals for the Board.
      3. The Chair shall work closely with the CEO to further advance the SPM’s mission.
      4. The Chair shall elect each board member into their respective committees, and set up accountability measures.
      5. The Chair shall organize the quarterly board meetings in coordination with the CEO.
    2. Board Secretary
      1. The Board Secretary shall plan and organize meetings for the board of directors
      2. The Secretary shall take minutes and attendance
      3. The Secretary shall enforce parlimenarty procedure during meetings
      4. The Secretary shall have a communication system im place to properly communicate with Board members
      5. The secretary shall work with the Chief Operations Officer for a hand off of any official minutes either from the Board of Directors.
  8. The Board shall have, but is not limited to, the following committees:
    1. Fundraising/Development Committee
      1. The Development Committee shall support the Chief Development Officer and the Chief Executive Officer in developing different fundraising strategies.
      2. The Development Committee shall assist other board members in completing any development tasks.
      3. The Development Committee shall be charged with promoting the brand of the organization.
    2. Finance Committee
      1. The Finance Committee shall support the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Executive Officer in developing a sustainable financial plan for the organization.
      2. The Finance Committee shall provide oversight for the budget of the organization.
    3. Programming Committee
      1. The Programming Committee shall provide curriculum development assistance to the Chief Programs Officer and the Chief Executive Officer.
      2. The Programming Committee shall review the success of all programs of SPM.

Board term & limits:

1 year

Financial commitment:

1,000-2,000 dollars


Skills Needed:

  • Financial

  • Legal

  • Marketing / Communications

  • Operations

  • Strategic Planning