Pride in the Pews

Pride In the Pews is a grassroots organization focused on building bridges with faith leaders, organizers, advocates and movements around the nation to ensure a reality where Black LGBTQ+ people can cultivate their holistic health and well-being inside their faith communities and beyond.


  • Faith-based (as related to a federal or state classification)

Board Member duties & responsibilities:

Pride in the Pews’ (PITP) Board of Directors is the governing body that ensures that the nonprofit operates within the terms established in the agency’s bylaws. In addition, the Board garners resources to assist PITP in attaining program objectives and provides leadership in the continuous planning for the organization’s future.

The Board of Directors consists of at least three and, at most, nine people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The leadership of PITP’s Board comprises the Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary. The Board consists of leaders who dedicate their time, talents, networks, and resources to raise awareness and support for the work and mission of PITP.

The specific responsibilities of the Board members include:

  • Providing governance and oversight to the nonprofit, including but not limited to evaluating the Executive Director’s performance annually, approving the organization’s annual budget, ensuring the nonprofit is compliant with the bylaws and necessary filings, and monitoring PITP’s programs and services.
  • Attending quarterly board meetings, being active on at least one committee, and being willing to accept individual initiatives and share their professional expertise.
  • Spreading awareness about PITP and its mission to the community, serving as a spokesperson, and helping to identify and cultivate relationships to support the organization’s expanding pool of donors, board members, volunteers, and advocates.
  • Securing financial support for the organization and participating in its fundraising activities.

Board term & limits:

A full board term is a year from the appointment date, and two full terms are required. Once a director’s two-year term is complete, directors must be re-elected if they’d like to continue their membership. Directors are limited to six total consecutive years on the Board. Should a director be interested in continuing their membership beyond six consecutive years, they must cycle off for two consecutive years before being elected back onto the Board. The term for leadership on the Board is one year, with the option for renewal, and not to exceed a maximum of six consecutive terms.

Financial commitment:

A minimum of $5,000 contribution is required for each Board member through a personal donation or solicitation from their networks annually based on the date of their appointment.

Skills needed:

  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing / Communications