Chicago Tap Theatre

 Chicago Tap Theatre is a vibrant dance company that celebrates Tap Dance through performance, educational programming and community engagement. We are a community of artists and educators who believe that everyone’s lives are better with Tap Dance in it. Our work is noted for its technical virtuosity, musical sophistication and audience friendliness and our classes are rooted in the philosophy that Tap Dance is for all people. CTT’s mission is to share the creativity, history, and joy of Tap Dance.


  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Board Member duties & responsibilities:


  1. The Board holds bi-monthly meetings lasting approximately 1 hour in length. Meeting dates are scheduled out a year in advance and occur on Tuesday evenings at 6pm on Zoom. One meeting per year will be held in-person.
  2. All Board members are expected to attend and participate in every meeting. If a member is unable to attend, advance notice is necessary to ensure quorum will be met.
  3. If any member misses 3 or more meetings in any one year, the Board will accept their absence as resignation.

Officer & Committee Service

  1. All members are expected to hold an Officer position and/or serve on a Committee at some point in each 3-year term. Exact areas of service will be determined through mutual agreement based on personal skills, interests, experience and organization needs.

Event Attendance

  1. Performances: Board members are encouraged but not required to attend every CTT performance. We hope these are highlights of your Board experience as you witness the fruits of your labor!
  2. Fundraisers: Board members are expected to attend (or at least purchase tickets to) all fundraisers during their Board term. This usually involves one major gala event in the spring.
  3. Cultivation: Board members are encouraged to attend any donor cultivation events they are invited to! These are great opportunities to welcome new donors and develop deeper relationships in the CTT giving community.
  4. Members are strongly encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to any and all events!


  1. Board members are expected to further CTT’s work through bringing in new patrons, donors and sponsors from their networks. Prospects can be personally invited to particular events, added to mailing lists and/or personally introduced to the Executive Director.
  2. At the beginning of each term, members should contribute to an on-boarding meeting with the Executive Director by providing employer information and 3-5 contacts for prospecting.
  3. Board members are expected to participate in donor appreciation efforts, including thank you notes and/or calls.

Financial Support

  1. Each member of the Board of Directors is expected to contribute on an annual basis to the organization with a gift/get that is meaningful to them. We encourage give/gets around $1,000.
  2. Give/gets consider all donations (not performance ticket purchases) over the course of each fiscal year.
  3. Give/gets include gifts made from the Board member directly and donations, matching gifts and sponsorships made in connection to the Board member.

Fiscal Oversight

  1. Board Members are responsible for participating in the adoption of CTT’s seasonal budget as well as its annual tax return, proposed by the Finance Committee.
  2. Throughout the season, board members are expected to be engaged and aware of CTT’s financial activities which are presented at Board Meetings.

Board term & limits:

The term of office for members is 3 years. Directors may be re-appointed or re-elected to a second term.

Financial commitment:

Give or Get requirement of $1,000 per year.

Skills needed:

  • Board Governance
  • Legal
  • Marketing / Communications
  • IT | Real Estate
  • Other