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AIGA Chicago is a design community organization aiming to embrace, amplify, and advance designers and the role of design in our community.


  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Board Member duties & responsibilities:

AIGA Chicago’s structure is set up so that board members may choose how they wish to be involved with the organization. Board members may choose to participate as a Tier A member, Tier B member, or Tier C member.

Tier A members lead initiatives and projects. This member must have an AIGA membership. We also ask that they attend monthly board meetings.

Tier B members assist Tier A members with planning and administration.

Tier C members assist at events. They are not required to help with the planning of events (although they may, if they wish), but rather help with tasks like setup and teardown.

Board members may choose different levels of engagement across as many initiatives as they’d like. For example, they could act as Tier A on one initiative and Tier B on another. The initiatives so far include:

  • Ask + Give: a monthly open mic networking event
  • Coffee & Critiques: a monthly peer-to-peer critique event
  • Education: many events throughout the year aimed at college and continuing education students
  • Co-Working Days: a monthly event for remote workers to collaborate and work side by side
  • Online Community: a Discord platform for a AIGA Chicago event attendees
  • Mentor Program: an annual program for students, recent grads, and career shifters
  • Individual Events: our miscellaneous bucket including speakers, workshops, and tours
  • Speaker Series: A quarterly lecture on a specific topic relevant to the design community

All board members may also pitch new ideas for programs. However, they must be a Tier A member if they would like to lead that new initiative.

Board term & limits:

Presidents, Officers, and Tier A members serve 2 year terms. They may opt to enter the slate for re-election after those 2 years.

Financial commitment:

There is no financial requirement to serve on this board. However, if you would like to volunteer as a Tier A member, or aim to run for Officer or President, you must have an AIGA national membership. Membership prices can be found here.

Skills needed:

  • Marketing / Communications
  • Other