Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Please see our list of frequently asked questions below. If the information you need isn’t here, please contact us.

Can we have more than one representative from our nonprofit attend the event?

Yes! We have two ticket options for nonprofits: $50 for one person, $75 for two. We can’t wait to meet you! Get tickets here:

How do I know if I’m qualified to be on a nonprofit board?

Nonprofits need board members who can do all sorts of things—some need legal or finance advice, some need advocacy, connections, fundraising, marketing, IT, volunteer coordination, interim executive talent… really the list is pretty broad.

Professionals who can combine their skill set with a passion for the organization are incredibly valuable. If you are interested in helping set the strategy and direction of an organization, board service might be appropriate. If you’re still nervous about your qualifications, join a smaller nonprofit’s board to gain some experience before moving to a larger organization.

What will serving on a Nonprofit Board do for me?

Nonprofit board service is a great experience for professional development. You’ll see the inner workings of the organization, advise management, become familiar with financials, and meet other interesting people.

Aside from helping an organization you’re passionate about, of course!

What if I sign up and can’t attend the selection event?

That’s a bummer! We really wanted to see you there. The event is a great way to lend visibility to the nonprofits and help everyone get to know each other in person. But if you must miss it, we’ll connect you with organizations who may be interested after the fact.

I need time and board approval to make a decision as big as new board members. How can my nonprofit participate?

The selection event is an open offer and a declaration of intent, it isn’t an official commitment. We expect all matches to go through your organization’s standard confirmation process as specified by the bylaws after the event.

What does it mean to be a “working board”?

When a nonprofit says they have a “working board”, it means the board members do the actual work of the organization—administrative, fundraising, clerical work, volunteering, etc. The expectation is that you’ll roll up your sleeves and dig in.

What is a “Give or Get” requirement?

Organizations often set a “Give or Get” requirement of their board of directors that sets the expectation for donation or fundraising. For example, if a nonprofit has a Give or Get requirement of $5000, there is an expectation that you will fundraise or donate a total of $5000 for the year.

Why does diversity matter to a Board?

A Nonprofit board sets the strategy and direction of an organization. It directs how an organization helps the community and should be reflective of the community it serves. From Board Source:

“Many board members already understand that a homogeneous board can result in near-sightedness and group think. By contrast, a heterogeneous board — one composed of individuals with a variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds, and resources — promotes creativity and innovation and yields differing voices that can play important roles in accomplishing the organization’s mission and increasing understanding of constituents and community needs. Diverse boards also are more likely to attract diverse donors, and grantmakers are increasingly focused on diversity.”

Is there a standard amount I should plan to donate when I'm on a board?

Your new organization might have some guidelines. But if they do not, this should be the primary recipient of your contributed dollars. As a member of the board, you’re expected to fundraise for and donate primarily to this organization. If you have other obligations or conflicts, you should disclose them in an early conversation.